side-280x560-allseasonDrive green

Preserving environmental resources while meeting the highest performance standards – these tires drive green! Our high-tech retreading guarantees you the highest possible level of road safety, tire longevity and performance.

During production of RIGDON tires, from the initial casing inspection to the final quality check, we the use the newest, most environmentally sustainable, most energy efficient production methods possible. Our improved processes result in:

• Less energy use
• Simpler methods
• More eco-friendly blends
• Use of chemicals with lower environmental impact
• Cooperative development with the new tire industry
• Improved performance

Through ongoing development of various production procedures and the use of improved, customized and individually crafted rubber blends, RIGDON ensures the highest standards of quality for our customers. By working closely together with the tire industry and fleet operators, we produce tires that guarantee cost savings, tire longevity and reliability.